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Montana made planters and features make xeriscaping easy for DIY & Pro

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Xeriscaping with style.

You don’t have to lose all your perennials and annuals with Xeriscaping, just contain them with style by incorporating artfully designed steel planters.

  • Lowered consumption of water: Xeriscape landscapes use up to two thirds less water than regular lawn landscapes.
  • Makes more water available for other domestic and community uses and the environment.
  • Reduce Maintenance: Aside from occasional weeding and mulching Xeriscaping requires far less time and effort to maintain.
  • Xeriscape plants in appropriate planting design, and soil grading and mulching, takes full advantage of rainfall retention.
  • Less cost to maintain: Xeriscaping requires less fertilizers and equipment, particularly due to the reduced lawn areas.


These four steel planters replaced a chaotic, high maintenance natural flower bed.  The different types of plants required extensive weeding, maintenance, and water.  This transition was accomplished with the following 7 steps.

♣ Dig up plants that you want to keep. 

♣ Level and neutralize the remaining soil so no plants or weeds will self-start.

♣ Lay down effective heavy-duty landscaping fabric.

♣ Cover with pea gravel or other attractive ground cover.

♣ Set planters in artistic arrangement.

♣ Run ¼ inch irrigation lines just to these planters.

♣ Plant attractive blooming arrangements.


Know that even during the non-growing season your landscaping will still have visual appeal due to the sculptural nature of raised steel planters.  Take it one step further with custom painted or artfully embellished planters for an even greater visual impact.


This is the above planter in full bloom during the summer months.




A fire pit surrounded by pavers converts a high watered area into a high use area while improving visual appeal.





Sculptural features help maintain visual appeal in the absence of lawn or extensive plantings.




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