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Okay, we’ll be honest. Our interior pieces are where things can get a little crazy. When we’re not building things to resist Montana winters, we can get pretty off the wall.

On the more subdued side, some of our outdoor designs are so attractive that clients want them incorporated into their interior layouts. While the designs and construction methods are similar, the precision and finish have to be stepped up considerably. At the same time, lighter materials are usually sufficient, so that opens up even more potential.

Again, the people who come to us generally have great imaginations and vision, and are seeking high-quality yet unique elements. Take a look at our other pages for ideas, and then apply those ideas and construction techniques to your interior vision.

Below, you even find photographs of our (patent pending) furniture pieces with worlds-first operable concrete doors. That’s a whole different conversation requiring in-depth design specifications and challenges, but just know that we are a super-dynamic design build studio capable of far more than meets the eye. More information about these pieces can be found here.

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