MC2 now does on-site installations of landscaping and terracing systems.

After nearly 2 decades of perfecting our craft in the studio, we’ve decided to take it on the road.  


Call us today to discuss your ideas!

We start wherever you’d like; a verbal description, a hand drawn sketch, an inspiring photo, or a computer generated file; anything that conveys the generalities or the specifics of your vision.  Not feeling inspired, we might be able to make some suggestions and send you in directions you haven’t considered.


From this we can provide an initial proposal. Our proposals are complete with project mock-ups, options and suggestions, scope of work, timeframe, estimated costs, suggested materials, Required prerequisite work and site prep, etc.  Sitting down and discussing this proposal with you allows us to narrow in on the features important to you, all while maintaining an acceptable budget and timeline. 


Prior to starting we’ll do a full 3-D survey of your site to confirm all measurements, elevations, potential site obstacles, access, etc.  While landscaping in general is somewhat imprecise, steel, especially our steel is very exacting.  We do much of the preparation in our production facility so need to be absolutely sure that each piece will fit into its intended place.


At this time, you (if you’re a DIY’er looking to save money) or a professional landscaper can begin some of the necessary site work.  Our site prep services, while often extensive, are limited to the specifics that will allow us to install our steel as accurately and efficiently as possible.  We’ll lay it out for you, or closely coordinate with your chosen landscaper to make sure things proceed smoothly.


Once the site is prepped for installation, and the components have been prepared in our production facility, we’re ready for the install.  We’ll mobilize all the necessary materials and equipment and a crew will commit to your project until it’s finished.