All custom – All unique – All for you

We design and build a lot of things for indoor and outdoor settings, and that includes furnishings.

Take a look at these pieces and see if they can spark any ideas for that truly unique piece you might be looking for.

Furniture pieces

Since we work extensively with steel and other materials, it’s natural that we get asked to make different pieces for indoor and outdoor settings  That includes furniture that’s attractive, solid, and durable.   These pieces are designed and built to enhance the home’s theme, as well as match furniture features to the architectural design.

Working with steel, concrete, and just a little bit of wood, we can design and create attractive pieces that are different than anything you’ll find in a store.  These are gallery quality furnishings.

Careful design, exacting fabrication, and quality finishing is our key.  These pieces are a lot of fun for us and we look forward to the challenge of the next design.