Landscaping elements with the capacity to invite social interaction.

One of our extraordinary in-house designs, anything you’ve ever seen, or anything you can imagine,

we do fire pits and outdoor fireplaces like nobody else in the state of Montana.

Fire Pits by MC2

Wood burning, propane, or natural gas systems. Fire pits are one of our core product offerings and we’d love to work with you on the next one.  Our current pieces range from heavy-duty personalized gift fire pits to massive monolithic outdoor fire places.  We’ve built custom chimnea style corner pieces as well as low gather-around pieces to warm and entertain.

The things that set our designs apart are their extraordinary designs, and their absolute quality.  You won’t find these, or anything close in a big box store or online mall.  These pieces have to be artfully designed, hand assembled, and delivered.

Your fire feature could be the centerpiece of your outdoor area, or a skillfully placed accent piece to a wonderful existing outdoor space.  Let us help you develop that perfect piece.