World exclusive concrete furniture and pieces.

When you’re the first to do something revolutionary – you owe it to all who will follow to do it right.

You need to set a standard which makes people instantly understand that the impossible is not only possible – it’s highly desirable.

Kelly Murphy

Concrete Creations

We’re proud to be the inventor and exclusive provider of concrete furniture pieces. A unique armoire, desk, or console, our designs and pieces will be the most unusual and exclusive furniture piece in your home.

With the introduction of concrete cabinet doors we usher in a new era of remarkable customization and personalization. The ability to outfit a building project with 100% unique decor that is designed, cast, and finished to meet the specific desires of demanding customers.

Concrete is one of the most customizable materials used in the building industry. It can be colored, shaped, textured, imprinted, impressed, and inlayed in unlimited ways. It can be distressed and aged, it can be glass-like and clinical, and it can be personalized and even branded like no other material.

Concrete is both modern and ancient. It is both high-tech and elemental. Its use as a go-to material for distinctive interiors is on the rise, and now, for the first time ever, we can offer it in the form of premium cabinets and furniture pieces.