MC2 has the design chops!

Decades of design experience allow us to faithfully execute your ideas; or provide compelling original designs. 3-D modeling, online proofs, precise measurements, and prompt communication allow us to move from initial concept to cut-ready files quickly and efficiently. We are technically fluent!


PREP It’s frequently a company’s high-tech equipment, and their mastery of it, that sets it apart from the competition. Harnessing CNC plasma cutting systems, razor sharp carbide blades, diamond embedded bits, and hundreds of tons of force equipment, we prepare the individual components for your job.

This is where the experience comes in

The skills and experience to build it best, the passion and the mindset to build it with proper attention to detail. We’ve been building outdoor steel products for years, and really know how to do this stuff. Whether its a single central feature or a run of dozens of matching pieces, you can be sure the build quality will meet your high standards.

Finished to your satisfaction

The difference between a good piece, and a great piece, is the care taken during the finish. We care. When the project leaves our shop it’s ready to plug and play. A final inspection ensures that the fit and finish meet our standards, all electrical assemblies are installed, and rust, clear coat, or painted finishes have been applied properly.

What we do.

If it’s possible for a company to wear a lot of hats, our does.

Custom Concrete pieces