I’m a designer/creator

with an extensive history of software and industrial creation.

There are a lot of welding and manufacturing shops out there.

There’s also a lot of graphic design studios out there.

Not many are both.

About me.

I entered the world of computer design way back in 1984. At that time the result was mostly text and images on paper.

I always wanted to create physical “things” as a result.  Tangible things that had shape and texture and depth. Over the years I picked up additional skills like concrete, metal working, and a little woodworking. As the technology grew, i was able to combine my skills, at least in design, but often in manufacturing.

Today I’m one of the few shops that can make most things, be it sculpture or railings, with an engineered yet artistic appearance. It’s very rewarding for me, and my clients are always pleased with the results.